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Vassnes work in Bømlafjordtunnel.

Here we have some of our many good electricians working on joining fiber optic cable for your project part in Bømlafjortunnellen. When one are doing such work, this precision requires both personnel and tools. Fiber optic cables are useful in connection with the transmission of signal from the control system in the tunnel. The advantage of such cables is that it has very large capacity and speed, favorable price, etc.

Fiber Optic Cable: This cable has a core made of very clean glass or plastic. The (wire) can be from several millimeters in diameter to a fraction of a hairline's thickness. Fiber optic cables are widely used in telecommunications, like a waveguide, especially when the bandwidth requirement is high. Fiber optic cables have low cushioning, compared to copper copper cables. Optical cables are also used when the signals are to be transported over long distances. Optical systems are also used for lighting and sensors. In physiology, fiber optic systems are used extensively to bring light into difficult accessible cavities, and to bring the image to the investigator / surgeon both in investigations and in operations performed with peephole technology.


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