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Framework contract with Fatland AS

Vassnes Power has signed a framework agreement with Fatland on electrical services. Fatland is the largest private meat industry company in Norway.

Vassnes Power started work on Fatland in Ølen in March 2017. It is important for us to deliver quality products in a safe and efficient way – and to get a positive cooperation. Work on facilities like this, which operates with slaughtering and processing of food, requires good order and hygiene.

About Fatland:

Fatland Ølen slaughter cattle, pig and sheep/lamb. The plant has a cutting department where it mainly slices pig and sheep/lamb. In addition, the plant has a large production department. Here all the meat dough is produced in the Fatland group. It also produced bacon, snitzel and consumer packaged meat.

Fatland Ølen was built in 1974 and has since been expanded and modernized several times. Slaughterhouse now retrieve slaughter from Hjelmeland in the south, Karmøy in the west, Telemark in the east and Sognefjord in the north.

Fatland Ølen has recently been expanded with new building, expedition and cold storage, as well as more space for processing. Also some new machinery for production and packing is in place. The Headcount is around 300 people.


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