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To ensure control and monitoring we use Landax.

We believe that high standards of health and safety will contribute to strengthen our results and that our health and safety policies are closely connected with the services we provide. The safety, health and security of our customers and employees has the highest priority at Vassnes Solutions AS.


All employees at Vassnes Solutions AS has a responsibility for their own safety, while also responsible for the safety of others. Hence, our high focus on that all employees use the corporate reporting system and report any conditions and situations that may lead to unwanted events.


We expect all employees to use the company's HSE values in their daily work, so that we get a safe place to work.


All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable, and we will endeavor to have a proactive attitude and conduct preventive and health promotional work so that we have a working environment that promotes well-being and health.


Vassnes Solutions AS works continuously to avoid impacts and pollution to the natural environment and our products and services will meet society's and customers environmental requirements.


Our HSE policy shall contribute to:


- Safety of human life and health, including work environment.

- Safety of the environment.

- Security of property and equipment.

- Security of documents and data.

- The safety of users of our products and services.


Health, safety and environment

Vassnes Solutions


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